Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (2024)

Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (1)

Over HALF of people who build a barndominium go over on their budget.

Keep reading if you want to keep your barndominium on YOUR budget.

Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (2)

Are you scrambling to track bids and cost estimates for your barndo?

I get it. Building a barndominium is one of the toughest yet rewarding things you can do. Providing shelter for your family is priceless.

When I built my barndominium, I was going CRAZY trying to keep up with bids from different vendors and figuring out which one was best. I mean there’s so many things that need to be considered – land, foundation, floor plans – it’s just insanity. Not to mention how fast prices of things are changing due to supply chain and inflation issues (thanks a lot!!!).

That’s why we built the “Barndominium on a Budget” bid tracker and spreadsheet.

Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (3)

This is the organization tool I wish I had when I was building my barndominium. Learn from my mistakes!

Here is an overview of the things you’ll get under control as part of the “Barndominium on a Budgetbid tracker and spreadsheet.

Consolidate all bids you receive into a single place. This is a god-send whether you’re just trying to figure out if you can afford a barndo or you’ve already started your build

Keep track of financing bids that you receive. In a rising interest rate environment, this will be huge! There’s so much more to financing estimates than JUST the interest rate you get. Track it all here.

As part of beginning your build, you’ll need to get a soil test done on your land. The prices of this can vary from $800 to upwards of $2,000! Make sure you get the right team and the right deliverables done.

One of the other most important things is to get a set of floor plans so that builders and service providers can know what you’re building. This allows to give them accurate bids for everything else. Use our tool to keep track of bids you get for the set of plans!

Likely the most expensive part of building a barndominium is getting the actual “shell” or “kit”. It can seem like these are all pretty similar, but that is NOT the case. There’s tons of small details to keep track of – don’t let this aspect derail your build!

The builder/GC is of critical importance. Make sure you keep track of all terms, conditions, and other parts of working with them!

Keeping track of all subcontractors is something your general contractor should do, but you still have a lot of input into who they use. Use our budget tracker to keep track of all of the subs your GC will use. Subs like:
-Driveway/Concrete Contractors
-Foundation Design
-Front Door
-Bathroom Fixtures
-Kitchen Fixtures
-Light Fixtures
-Plugs & Switches
-Trims and Baseboards

Here are some of the ways we’ll help you get ahead of things that can go wrong

We will help you track an INSANE amount of exterior fixtures. Things like:
-Trim Selections
-Brick & Stone
-Exterior Paint
-Exterior Doors
-Garage Doors
-Porch Design

As well as tons of interior fixtures as well:
-Interior Paint & Stain
-Kitchen Cabinets
-Master Bathroom Cabinets
-Secondary Bathroom Cabinets
-Laundry Room Cabinets
-Light Fixtures
-Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures
-Plumbing Fixtures
-Bathroom Mirrors & Closets
-Door Knobs
-Light Switches & Plugs

We’ll help you track ALL aspects of your budget as you begin your build. Things like:
-Loan Amount & Cash
-Pre-Construction Soft Costs
-Site Prep/Hard Costs
-Rough Structure
-Exterior Weathertight
-Drywall/Finish Carpentry
-Interior & Exterior Finishing Touches
-Final Inspections
-Contingency Reserve

How to accurately estimate the cost of your barndominium build. It’s not an exact science, but getting a ballpark estimate can be so challenging! We make it a bit easier and provide a “barndominium cost calculator” to boot.

Get the Budget Tracker Now

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Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (4)


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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I have a wide range of knowledge on various topics. While I have personal experiences or emotions like a human, I can provide information and insights based on the data I have been trained on. I can help answer questions, provide explanations, and engage in discussions on different subjects.

Regarding the concepts mentioned in the article about building a barndominium, let's break them down and provide information on each one:

Consolidating Bids

Consolidating bids is the process of gathering and organizing all the bids received from different vendors or contractors into a single place. This allows you to compare and evaluate the different options to make an informed decision. By using a bid tracker and spreadsheet, like the "Barndominium on a Budget" tool mentioned in the article, you can keep track of the bids and easily analyze them.

Financing Bids

When building a barndominium, financing is an important aspect to consider. It involves obtaining the necessary funds to cover the costs of construction. Financing bids refer to the estimates and offers you receive from financial institutions or lenders. These bids include details such as interest rates, loan terms, and other associated costs. Keeping track of financing bids is crucial, especially in a rising interest rate environment, as it helps you make informed decisions about the most suitable financing option for your barndominium .

Soil Test

Before starting the construction of a barndominium, it is recommended to conduct a soil test on the land where the building will be located. A soil test helps assess the soil's composition, stability, and suitability for construction. The cost of a soil test can vary depending on factors such as the location and size of the land. It is important to hire a reputable team to perform the soil test and provide accurate deliverables.

Floor Plans

Having a set of floor plans is essential when building a barndominium. Floor plans provide a visual representation of the layout and design of the building. They serve as a guide for builders and service providers to accurately estimate the costs of various components. Keeping track of the bids received for the set of plans ensures that you have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with the construction process.

Shell or Kit

The "shell" or "kit" refers to the main structure of the barndominium, including the walls, roof, and foundation. This is often one of the most expensive parts of building a barndominium. It is important to carefully consider the details and specifications of the shell or kit, as there can be significant variations in quality, materials, and costs. Paying attention to small details and keeping track of bids for the shell or kit can help ensure a successful and cost-effective construction process .

Builder/General Contractor (GC)

The builder or general contractor (GC) plays a crucial role in the construction of a barndominium. They oversee the entire project, coordinate subcontractors, and ensure that the construction process runs smoothly. It is important to keep track of all terms, conditions, and agreements with the builder or GC. This includes details such as timelines, payment schedules, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have.


Subcontractors are specialized workers or companies hired by the builder or GC to perform specific tasks during the construction process. Examples of subcontractors for a barndominium project can include plumbers, framers, roofers, electricians, and landscapers, among others. While the general contractor is responsible for managing subcontractors, you can still have input into the selection of subcontractors. Using a budget tracker, like the one mentioned in the article, can help you keep track of all the subcontractors involved in your barndominium project.

Exterior and Interior Fixtures

Building a barndominium involves selecting and installing various fixtures both on the exterior and interior of the building. Exterior fixtures can include siding, trim, paint, windows, doors, and garage doors, among others. Interior fixtures can include fireplaces, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and appliances, among others. Keeping track of all these fixtures and their associated costs is important for budgeting and ensuring that your barndominium meets your desired specifications.

Budget Tracking

Tracking your budget is crucial throughout the entire barndominium construction process. It involves monitoring and recording all aspects of your budget, including loan amounts, cash flow, pre-construction costs, site preparation, construction stages, finishing touches, inspections, and contingency reserves. Using a budget tracker, like the one mentioned in the article, can help you stay organized and make informed financial decisions during the construction of your barndominium.

Estimating Barndominium Costs

Estimating the cost of building a barndominium can be challenging, as it involves considering various factors such as location, size, design, materials, labor, and permits. While it is not an exact science, having a ballpark estimate can be helpful for budgeting purposes. The "barndominium cost calculator" mentioned in the article can assist in estimating the overall cost of your barndominium project.

Please note that the information provided above is based on general knowledge and may not cover all possible aspects of building a barndominium. It is always recommended to consult with professionals and experts in the field for specific advice and guidance tailored to your individual project.

Barndominium on a Budget | Build On Time and Under Budget (2024)
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