Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (2024)

This free printable budget binder and budget planner can help you save more money and spend less! Get ready to pay off debt and start saving!

Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (1)

The 2024 Budget Binder is here! I’ve been getting dozens of emails requesting the 2024 version, and today is the day!

I share a budget planner each year in hopes that by tracking income and expenses, people can spend less money, save more, pay off those debts and end 2024 in a much better financial position than where they started.

How to Make a Budget Binder

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With the holiday bills about to start piling up, now is the perfect time to start getting our finances in check, right?!

What supplies do I need to put together a Budget Binder?

What should be included in a budget binder?

There are several key pages that I include in my budget binder each year. (If you click on each of the links below, you can jump right to the explanation for that particular page.) Here’s what to include in a budget binder:

  1. Cover Page– Keep track of your binder (and make it pretty so you want to use it often)!
  2. Goal Setting Sheet– Set financial goals for the year so you know exactly what you’re working toward.
  3. Pages to Track Recurring Expenses– These sheets track bills that stay pretty much the same each month like mortgage/rent, car payments, student loan payments, utility bills, etc.
  4. Pages to Track Variable Monthly Expenses– These sheets track expenses that vary some from month to month like grocery shopping, eating out, gas, clothing, etc.
  5. Monthly Check-in Page– This page helps you take a look over the previous month’s finances and gauge what you did well and what you would like to improve for the upcoming month.

A Pretty Budget Binder Cover

Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (2)

Of course it had to have a pretty cover page! 🙂 This year’s cover is cheery and simple, withspace to write your name on the provided line.

Goal Setting Sheet

Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (3)

Goal setting is oh-so-important to me, especially when it comes to finances. When Donnie and I take the time to sit down together and write outour financial goals, it puts us on the same page, and we are much more likely to achieve what we set out to do!

Let’s say we’ve set a goal to pay off our studentloansin the nextyear. We’ll write it down on this page, give ourselves a timeframe in which to complete it (by the end of December 2024), and then we’ll list theaction steps that we are going to take in order to reach that goal.

Maybe we’ll plan to make a double payment each month. Maybe we can get an extra little side jobto make some additional money to put toward the debt. Or maybe we can cut down on our budget in other areas like clothing or eating outto come up with the extra cash. However wedecide to do it, it’s not enough to just set the goal. Weneed to have a plan to get there.

These goals and action steps are in the front of the binder for a reason– they’re there as a constant reminder of what we’reworking toward. If we’re looking at them each day or week when we’re tracking expenses in thebinder, werenew our commitment and drive to reach them.

Then, for example, if we’re really tempted to go out to eat instead of just grabbing something from home, wethink of our goal. Paying off thosestudent loans will feel better than an extra meal out ever could!

Tracking Recurring Expenses with the Budget Planner

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The nextthing I wanted to have in our Budget Binder was a list of recurring expenses. This includes anything we pay on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Some examples might be:

  • Loan payments (like rent or a mortgage, car payment, or student loan)
  • Insurance payments (like homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, or health insurance)
  • Utility bills (like electric, gas, water, and sewage)
  • Subscription services (like Netflix, magazine subscriptions, or meal services)
  • Tuition or lesson fees (like kids’ music lessons, sports teams, or clubs)
  • Gym memberships
  • Regular charitable giving (like to churches or non-profits)
  • Recurring contributions to savings (like a general savings account or a retirement fund)

What if I don’t know what recurring payments I have?

If you don’t already have a list of your recurring payments, look back over your last few months of bank statements (most banks provide them online these days!) and write down each bill that you pay on a recurring basis.

You can alsoalso use yourbank statements to fill in the amount of each recurring bill (if it varies slightly each month, I usually write down what it is when the bill is on the higher end) and the day of the month it comes out of theaccount.

The small boxes on the right half of the page have the initials of each month at the top; when a bill is paid, I can just check the box to keep track and I know I’m good for another month.

click here to grab your free printable budget binder!

Monthly Expenses in the Budget Binder

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After the recurring expenses were taken care of, I needed a way to keep track of any purchases we make throughout the month. We break down our purchases into categories and budget a certain amount of money for each category.

This can be as simple or as detailed as you want, but everything you buy during the month needs to fit into one of your categories. Some of our Budget Binder categories for tracking our expenses include:

  • Groceries
  • Eating out
  • Household expenses
  • Gas
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing
  • Gifts
  • Car maintenance
  • Fun money (You may want to give each member of your household a little bit of guilt-free fun money each month so they don’t get burnt out with being so strict about the budget. Everyone needs a little splurgeevery once in a while!)

I created a tracking sheet (kind of like a checkbook register) and printed one out for each category. At the top I can list the category and amount of money we’ve budgeted for it.

Then I use the chart to record our purchases and keep a running balance of what we’ve spent so that I always know how much we have left in our budget for the month.

How do I know how much to budget for each category?

If you’re new to budgeting or haven’t done it in a while, just leave the budget amount blank for the first month and simply track your expenses. This will give you a good ballpark figure for your budget amounts for month #2.

Note: You will print out a new set of tracking sheets each month.

Monthly Check-In for the Budget Planner

Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (6)

And finally, at the end of each month, I have included a monthly check-in page where weevaluate how things went. Wejot down things that went well and things wecan improve the following month so that weknow where our strengths and weaknesses lie. There is also room to break down some of our bigger goals into specific goals for the month.

Going back to our “paying off our student loans” example, maybe this month wewant to be able to put an extra $100 toward our payment. We can commit to that in this space and write down the specific steps we’re going to take to get there in our Budget Binder.

Revisiting our goals each month and seeing how far we’ve come can be really motivating and give usthat extra push weneed to keep pressing toward our financial goals!

How do I get the free 2024 Budget Binder?

Ready to snag your copy of the 2024 budget planner?Click the button below and get it delivered directly to your inbox! You will also gain access to my full library of free printables that are exclusively for my newsletter subscribers!

click here to grab your free printable budget binder!

Do you have any tips for getting finances organized? I’d love to hearthem in the comments!

Not ready to set up your Budget Binder right this second? Save this post to return to later– pin the image below!

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Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (8)

*I am not a financial professional. I am simply sharing strategies that have worked for my family in the past to help save more money, and I hope they will be helpful for you as well! Thanks for reading!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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Budget Binder and Budget Planner

This article discusses a free printable budget binder and budget planner that can help individuals save money and manage their finances effectively. The budget binder includes various sections and pages to track income, expenses, and financial goals. Let's explore the concepts mentioned in the article.

How to Make a Budget Binder

The article explains how to create a budget binder to organize your finances. It suggests using a 3-ring binder and tab dividers to separate different sections. Clear sleeves can be used to protect important documents, and a label maker can be used to label the sections [[1]].

Supplies You'll Need

To put together a budget binder, the article recommends the following supplies:

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • 3-Ring Binder
  • Tab Dividers
  • Clear Sleeves (optional)
  • Hole Punch
  • Label Maker + Clear Tape (optional) [[1]].

What Should be Included in a Budget Binder

The article suggests including several key pages in a budget binder:

  1. Cover Page: This page helps keep track of the binder and can be customized to make it visually appealing.
  2. Goal Setting Sheet: This page allows you to set financial goals for the year and outline the action steps needed to achieve them.
  3. Pages to Track Recurring Expenses: These sheets help track bills that remain relatively constant each month, such as mortgage/rent, car payments, utility bills, etc.
  4. Pages to Track Variable Monthly Expenses: These sheets help track expenses that vary from month to month, such as groceries, eating out, gas, clothing, etc.
  5. Monthly Check-in Page: This page allows you to review the previous month's finances, identify areas for improvement, and set specific goals for the upcoming month [[1]].

How to Get the Free 2024 Budget Binder

To obtain the free 2024 Budget Binder, the article provides a link that allows you to download it directly to your inbox. By subscribing to the author's newsletter, you can also gain access to a full library of free printables [[1]].


The budget binder and budget planner discussed in the article can be valuable tools for managing personal finances. By tracking income, expenses, and setting financial goals, individuals can save money, pay off debts, and improve their overall financial position. Remember to customize the budget binder according to your specific needs and goals.

Budget Binder for 2024 (with FREE Printables!) (2024)
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