Do I have to meet minimum trading days once I become a funded trader? | The Forex Funder Help Center (2024)

As a funded trader with The Forex Funder, there is no strict requirement to meet a minimum number of trading days. However, there are important conditions to be aware of regarding trading activity:

  1. Trading Activity Requirement:

    • You need to trade at least once per week to be eligible for a payout. This requirement is in place to ensure that funded traders are actively participating and engaging with their accounts.

  2. Account Expiry for Inactivity:

    • If you do not trade the account for 45 consecutive days, your account will expire and will be marked as failed. This rule is implemented to manage hosting fees for inactive accounts and to encourage consistent participation in our trading program.

  3. Restarting Post-Expiry:

    • If your account does expire due to inactivity, you have the option to request a new TFF Challenge if you wish to resume trading after the 45-day period.

These guidelines are designed to promote active trading while balancing the operational needs of The Forex Funder. It is crucial to stay engaged with your funded account, not only to remain eligible for payouts but also to prevent your account from expiring due to prolonged inactivity.

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Do I have to meet minimum trading days once I become a funded trader? | The Forex Funder Help Center (2024)
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