Do You Know Who Makes Rural King Batteries? (Ans Explained) (2024)

Although Rural King is a well-known brand, and the batteries are considered reliable, long-lasting, and compatible with most vehicles or other related equipment, many users are unaware of who makes Rural King batteries.

That is why, in this very article, I have decided to expose the name or company behind all Rural King batteries.

I will also share some other interesting facts regarding the brand and its manufacturer.

So, let’s learn more interesting facts related to Rural King batteries and their manufacture together-

Who Makes Rural King Batteries?

All Rural King automotive batteries are manufactured by Exide Technologies, LLC, which is an American multinational lead-acid batteries manufacturing company.

Where Are Rural King Batteries Made?

Though neither Rural King nor the manufacturing company Exide Technology has revealed the specific manufacturing location of Rural King automotive batteries, we can assume that the production is taking place in the United States region since Exide and Rural King both are based in America.

Exide Technology has its battery manufacturing facility based in Milton, Georgia, the US.

But Exide also operates in almost 80 countries, including Europe and Australia, so they might also have other regional plants or factories for automotive and industrial batteries production.

Are Rural King Batteries Any Good?

Rural King ensures quality products so, all the batteries from this brand have excellent ratings for performance.

Also, Rural King authority tends to check their batteries after production and before shipment them for the consumer market.

Most consumers or users claim that although Rural King batteries are not the best option, still, these batteries are reliable, long-lasting, and inexpensive.

Consumer’s verdicts also indicate that people tend to repurchase the batteries since Rural King batteries pricing is super affordable compare to the performance they serve.

About The Manufacturer Of Rural King Batteries:

Exide Technologies, LLC has been in this automotive industry as multinational lead-acid batteries as well industrial automotive batteries manufacturer for more than 133 years.

Initially, Exide was the brand name used for batteries produced by The Electric Storage Battery Company. But later on, it became Exide Technologies, LLC and currently headquartered in Milton, Georgia, United States.

Originally, Exide technology was founded as Electric Storage Battery Company in 1888 by W.W. Gibbs after he bought the ideas and patents of inventor Clement Payen intending to make storage battery a commercial product.

Since then, Exide has been leading in the battery manufacturing industry as a global provider of stored electrical-energy solutions for Industrial and Transportation markets.

Although the global headquarters of Exide technologies, LLC is located in Milton, Georgia, it also has manufacturing and recycling plants located in other areas of the U.S. and Europe (Gennevilliers, France).

Besides that, Exide also operates in about 80 countries all around the world.

Exide produces various batteries, accessories, and energy storage systems to serve the transportation, network power, and motive power markets.

Exide also produces energy storage solutions for the Telecommunications, Utility, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and Solar storage segments.

What Are the Types Of Rural King Batteries Available?

Rural King offers five types of batteries, which are listed below:

  • Rural King AUTO or CAR Batteries:

These batteries are available in various sizes (including height, length, and width) and prices to meet all types of customer’s requirements.

  • Rural King LAWN MOWER Batteries:

Rural King also offers various types of lawn and garden batteries to meet all consumer’s preferences and needs. The consumer can also pick options based on their preferred pricing since Rural King also has different pricing range options.

  • Rural King MARINE Batteries:

Rural King offers marine batteries with various types, sizes, and pricing ranges so, you can pick the one that fits your vehicle compatibility as well as your budget limit.

  • Rural King GOLF CART Batteries:

If you are looking for a golf cart battery, Rural King may be the best option compared to other local batteries. For golf cart batteries, Rural King does not offer various options like their other products. However, the consumers still have the option of selecting the one that meets their pricing preference.

  • Rural King SMALL VEHICLE Batteries:

These batteries are also available in various types, sizes, and pricing ranges so that consumers can choose between options to pick the right one.

Where To Buy Rural King Batteries?

You can easily purchase from any of the retailing stores of Rural King. Rural King currently has more than 100 stores in 13 states, including Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Besides that, you can also shop online from its official e-commerce site

What Are The Best Rural King Batteries?

Let’s have a brief glance at some of the bestselling batteries of Rural King Brand:

  • Rural King 525 CCA Classic Auto/Truck/SUV Battery – 75DT-60
  • Rural King Automotive Battery – 65-72
  • Rural King 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery – GC115G
  • Rural King Classic Battery – 34-60
  • Rural King Lawn & Garden Battery – U1L-CT

What Are The Best Alternative Of Rural King Batteries?

Though the best alternative may vary from person to person based on one’s choices and preferences still, there are some brands that you can consider while opting for other options. Such as Optima, DieHard, ACDelco, or Autocraft.


Today’s article was aimed at people who are not aware of the manufacturing company behind these premium quality batteries from the Rural King battery brand. Along with answering who makes Rural King battery, I have also shared some interesting facts about the Rural King brand and its manufacturer.

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Do You Know Who Makes Rural King Batteries? (Ans Explained) (2024)
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