Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable (2024)

Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable (1)

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I’ll be sharing 24 free printables with you from December 1st to December 24th.

Typical Advent calendars are filled with 24 chocolates but the Lovely Advent Calendar is filled with 24 digital treats. Sort of my Christmas gift to you! Come back every day to discover a new surprise.

See all the free printables already shared in the Lovely Advent Calendar so far.

Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable (2)

DAY 14: Free Printable 52 Week Savings Challenge

Here’s a free printable 52 week savings challenge tohelp you save a little bit a money every week of the year. This printable is available in 3 sizes: US Letter, A4, A5.

The amount you save will increase by 1$ every week. Week 1: $1, Week 2: $2,…. Week 52: $52) for a grand total of 1378$ saved at the end of the year.

These are realistic sustainable weekly amounts to save but having a printed sheet will remind you of it and help you keep track of it. Tick a box every week as you place this week’s savings aside.

It’s a great tool if you want to get into the habit of saving money and you want to start with realistic goals. These amounts being “doable”, you’re less likely to get scared by it or give up. These saving amounts will help boost your confidence in your ability to complete this challenge.

Plus, every penny adds up. By following this challenge for 52 weeks you’ll end up with 1378$.

You can even decide to double or triple these weekly savings amounts if you feel comfortable with it.

This printable is part of a full budget planner that I’ve created, you can get it here.

Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable (3)

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Free 52 Week Savings Challenge Printable (2024)
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