Meet the "Single's Inferno" Season 2 cast on Netflix's Korean dating show (2024)

Single's Inferno, the captivating Korean dating show on Netflix, is back for a second season of real-life K-drama.

The series features singletons spending several days together on an idyllic, uninhabited island off the coast of Incheon, a major South Korean port city. There, they compete in a series of games in their quest for love.

With their ages and professions withheld from each other, they must rely on their individual "natural charms" to win each other over in each game round.

Season 1 made Single's Inferno the first Korean reality series to join Netflix's global top 10 ranking, according to FlixPatrol, the streaming analytics company.

The show's second installment promises plenty more "joy, tears" and a healthy dose of "spiciness," the streamer said.

Here's a look at the cast members in Season 2.

Meet the "Single's Inferno" Season 2 cast on Netflix's Korean dating show (1)

Female Cast of 'Single's Inferno' Season 2

Shin Seul-ki

Instagram: @shinseulkee
Most confident feature: "My round eyes. Guys say that I have stars in my eyes."

Seul-ki joined the show because hadn't dated anyone in a while and wanted to meet new people.

"People say that I can seem cold and snobbish, having 'princess' vibes," she said. "But once you get to know me and get close with me, they say I'm actually easygoing, down to earth and surprisingly refreshing and fun."

Park Se-jeong

Most confident feature: "My eyes, my sexy body and my surprisingly playful side."

Se-jeong said the person she wants to meet on Single's Inferno is someone who is "hot like me" and a person who "can take care of me."

But first the man has to be her "type" in order for her to develop any feelings. "And if I go after a guy, I rarely fail at getting him."

Lee So-e

Top selling point: "I laugh a lot, I'm a good listener."

Soft-spoken and gentle, So-e admits, "This is quite embarrassing to say, but I think I'm quite popular" among guys.

With her "calm personality" and being "quite honest," she said, "people say I can be clumsy at times." But So-e also loves dancing as a stress reliever and for keeping in shape.

"My type is someone who is generous at heart and reliable," someone with "strong features" who can make her feel "secure" when she is in his arms.

Lee Nadine

Instagram: @deeenerss
Most confident feature:
"My unique and natural face and my curvy waist."

Speaking in both English and Korean, Nadine said: "I have a cold and honest personality." She believes she comes across differently when speaking in either language.

"In English, I've heard that I'm a little more stern and straightforward and professional," whereas when speaking Korean "I've been told I'm a lot cuter and softer."

Nadine enjoys sports and was a lacrosse player in high school and college.

"If I really like someone, I don't really mind long distance. I think I'll go all in," she said.

Choi So-eun

Instagram: @4x4ischoi
Top selling point:
"Being natural."

"No matter who I speak to, I can create a relaxed vibe," said So-eun. "Whenever I like a guy, I get very cutesy and affectionate. My voice is naturally a bit low, but people say when I am talking to a boyfriend on the phone, my voice takes on a higher, more loving tone."

Being athletic, there is a competitive side to her, she said, and "if I ever compete with anyone, I think I'll have a winning chance."

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Male Cast of 'Single's Inferno' Season 2

Choi Jong-woo

Instagram: @jvvcful
Most confident feature:
"My empathy, sensitivity and how the corners of my mouth naturally curl up."

Jong-woo continued: "I've never dated anyone I seriously liked or where I was certain that I liked that person. So I came here to find that person."

He loves sports and is a former soccer player who now only plays the game as a hobby with friends.

"Since I was an athlete, I am very competitive. I'm quite confident about my strength during games," he said, adding, "I go for women with pretty eyes."

Jo Yoong-jae

Instagram: @yoongkda
Most confident feature:
"Broad shoulders"

Often mistaken for an athlete because of his "big build" physique, Yoong-jae said he's "quite popular with the opposite gender." During his college years, he was known as the guy with "the nicest broad shoulders" in the online community, he said.

Through Single's Inferno, he wants to meet someone he "can be with for the long run, not just the summer." The most important quality he looks for in a woman? Wisdom.

Kim Han-bin

Instagram: @domestic_kitten
Top selling point:
His "great positive energy."

If Han-bin could describe his personality in one word, it would be positive, he said.

He loves climbing because of "the immediate sense of achievement you can get from it and likes to work out and get sweaty.

He said: "I like people with intense eyes, who don't avoid eye contact. There aren't many out there like that, so I want to meet someone like that, which I think would make me fall head over heels for the person."

Shin Dong-woo

Instagram: @darricksss
Most confident feature:
His physique.

Dong-woo said friends often look at him and say, "You live life to the fullest."

He weight-lifts every day and has trained a lot on a regular basis. "I'm confident in my physical ability."

But what about relationships? "I think there are people you meet in life with whom sparks just fly. I have a bit of a calm personality, so I think I would prefer to be with an energetic and physically fit woman."

Season 2 of Single's Inferno is available to stream on Netflix.

Meet the "Single's Inferno" Season 2 cast on Netflix's Korean dating show (2)

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Meet the "Single's Inferno" Season 2 cast on Netflix's Korean dating show (2024)
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