Once And Done Floor Cleaner Menards (2024)

1. Armstrong Flooring S-334 Once 'n Done Floor Cleaner Premixed ...

  • 16 nov 2023 · S-334 Once 'n Done is sold at Lowe's and Menards. · No rinse, no residue · Leaves no dulling, sticky film · Won't hurt ceramic tile grout · Keeps ...

  • S-334 Once ‘n Done Floor Cleaner Premixed Spray SDS

2. Armstrong Flooring 64 oz. Once 'N Done Floor Cleaner 00330806

  • With its concentrated, no-rinse formula, you can mop your no-wax vinyl, ceramic, marble and stone floors without dulling them or leaving behind sticky residue.

  • Clean your floors quickly with this Once 'N Done Floor Cleaner. With its concentrated, no-rinse formula, you can mop your no-wax vinyl, ceramic, marble and stone floors without dulling them or leaving

3. Armstrong Flooring S-330 Once 'n Done Floor Cleaner Concentrate ...

4. Testimonials - Quick Shine Floors

  • I just wanted to say your products are great. My husband brought it home to me when the store was out of Mop and Shine. I really thought it wouldn't be any good ...

  • Customer Photos What our customers have to say about us

5. Hardwood Flooring at Menards®

  • Once the flooring installation is complete, keep them looking clean with our selection of vacuum cleaners and floor care products. Next, complete the look ...

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  • Chances are high you'll only use that tool once or twice as well. So, what ... Menards Tools For Your Floor. Tile saws; Sandpaper and sand discs; Floor pads ...

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7. 32oz Once n Done - No Rinse Cleaner Conc - S-338 | Armstrong

  • This is the recommended cleaner for Armstrong Vinyl Flooring. Armstrong Once n Done floor cleaner is the replacement for Armstrong Multi-Surface Cleaner. When ...

  • Buy Once n Done No-Rinse Resilient Floor Cleaner S-338, 32-oz CONCENTRATE, for Armstrong Residential Vinyl, LVT, Rigid Core, Ceramic.

8. 'Designer's Image' vinyl tile at Menard's? - Houzz

  • 1 jun 2007 · I may look at putting a low gloss non-wax finish on the tiles when I'm done cleaning them. By the way, I asked Menards if I could have pre ...

  • Does anyone have information on this brand of peel-n-stick vinyl tile? I am prepping my home for sale and want to install new vinyl in my kitchen/entryway. Menard's carries three levels of this brand: Silver, Gold & Platinum. I have one of the Platimum tiles selected ($1.59 sqft). It is .125&quo...

9. Search Results at Menards®

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10. 10 Things Menards Employees Won't Tell You | The Family Handyman

  • 17 mrt 2020 · When is the Next 11 Percent Rebate Sale? Menards is best known for their 11 percent rebate promotions. During these sales, everything in the ...

  • Menards is famous for their low prices, but there are tricks to make the most of your trips. Here are 10 tips Menards employees won't reveal.

Once And Done Floor Cleaner Menards (2024)


How do you use once and done floor cleaner? ›

  1. Mix 1/4 cup to 1 gallon of warm water.
  2. Wash floor with mop (sponge, microfiber or similar type of mop)
  3. No rinsing required.
Nov 16, 2023

What is the ratio for floor cleaning solution? ›

Create a mopping solution of ½ cup of vinegar and one gallon of warm water. Proper dilution is important, since vinegar's acidic, abrasive properties can have a stronger effect on some materials than others—tile being one of those. When mopping, less is more; make sure to wring out your mop thoroughly after each dip.

Do you need to rinse floor after mopping with soap? ›

To clean your floors effectively, and extend the time between each mopping, it's important that you mop with a combination of water and the appropriate cleaning detergent for your floor type. You should also rinse the floors thoroughly after cleaning to avoid leaving soapy residue.

Should you mop the floor twice? ›

Continue Mopping:

Make two passes over each area—once to wet and to spread the solution, and again to remove it. If you don't pass a second time, detergent may remain, leaving the floor sticky and cloudy.

Can I use Dawn to wash my floors? ›

Mop up dirty vinyl, linoleum, or tile floors.

You can mop these types of floors with a simple solution of one to two tablespoons of Dawn and a gallon of warm water. Your floor will look good in no time!

Why is my tile floor sticky after I mop? ›

If too much cleaner is used, or if it's not suitable for your floor type, it leaves a sticky film that attracts more dirt. Another common reason is the mop itself. Using dirty water or not changing it frequently enough while mopping can spread grime rather than remove it, which leads to that unwanted sticky floor.

What is the best solution to mop floors with? ›

5 Things You Can Put in Mop Water for Fresh-Smelling, Sparkling...
  • Dish Soap.
  • Rubbing Alcohol.
  • Vinegar.
  • Borax.
  • Commercial Cleaners.
  • Safety Info.
Nov 16, 2023

How much cleaner per gallon of water? ›

HVAC coils and system
ApplicationMulti-Task by Z BioScienceSIMIX Multi-Surface Cleaner
Glass and mirrors1.0 oz per gallon0.5 oz per gallon
Bathrooms2.0 oz per gallon0.5 oz per gallon
Kitchen surfaces2.0 oz per gallon0.5 oz per gallon
Flooring2.0 oz per gallon0.5 oz per gallon
4 more rows
Jul 12, 2021

Do you have to dilute method floor cleaner? ›

our floor cleaner is already diluted so simply squirt it onto the floor (a little goes a long way) and mop. a slightly damp (microfibre) mop/swiffer/soft cloth in long strokes usually works best, squirting more product in small amounts as needed until you've cleaned the entire floor.

Do you add water to method floor cleaner? ›

Squirt a thin layer onto the floor and wipe with a cloth or floor mop. No need to dilute or rinse. We try to make things easy.

Can I use washing up liquid instead of floor cleaner? ›

For general cleaning, you can use washing-up liquid to clean laminate flooring however, keep its use to a minimum. Make sure you dry the floor quickly after cleaning it. Don't polish the floor in any way.

Can you wash floors with just water? ›

Potentially contaminated spaces, like a restroom, kitchen, or anywhere in a health care setting, also need cleaning chemicals. But dust and light soils can be cleaned from floors and surfaces with water alone. This sustainable cleaning practice is appropriate for facilities that are maintained regularly.

What floor cleaner won't leave a residue? ›

Pine-Sol Multi Purpose Cleaner

It effectively cleaned our stains with relatively less effort and left behind no residue and limited stickiness. In our tests using Pine-Sol, the dark soda and dirt wiped off in one go without any residue or marks left behind.

Do you use a wet mop with Method floor cleaner? ›

No, we don't recommend using a wet mop with this method squirt and mop wood floor cleaner. What we do recommend is pairing it with the Grove Co. Compact Mop, which we think is the best mop to use with method floor cleaner.

What is the correct order in cleaning floors? ›

  • Step 1: Sweep or swiffer + move obstacles. ...
  • Step 2: Pick the right mop + detergent for your floor type. ...
  • Step 3: Time to mop the floor. ...
  • Step 4: Final rinse. ...
  • Step 5: The clean up.

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