Prop Firms with No Minimum Trading Days (2024)

If you wantprop firms with no minimum trading days, Smart Prop Trader is the right choice. We are a proprietary firm in Austin, Texas, established in 2022, and we aim to offer exemplary benefits and spreads to traders. We allow traders to trade with a balance of up to $100,000 per account using Think Markets, the ASIC-regulated broker from Australia, as our trusted broker.

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Smart Prop Trader is offering an exclusive promotion for aspiring and experienced traders. For a limited time, from April 1st 2024 to April 30th 2024, we have two offers for you with an 85% profit split:

  • Purchase our 10K to 25K accounts at 15% discount, Use CODE: SPTSTART
  • Purchase our 50K to 100K accounts at 13% discount, Use CODE: SPTSTART1

Make the Smart Choice with us today!

Benefits of Using Our Prop Firm Services

Some of the major benefits of using ourno minimum days prop firmservices include:

  • Funding up to $100,000 per account with scaling available up to $2,500,000.
  • Live funded accounts
  • Two-step evaluation procedure
  • Give traders the scope to trade different instruments, like commodities, forex pairs, indices, and cryptocurrency.
  • No limitations on trading style.
  • No maximum and minimum day limits
  • News trading allowed
  • Copy traders, EA’s indicators, hedging, and scripts allowed.

Our Prop Firm Challenge Features

Our challenges range from $10,000 to $100,000 with their prices ranging from $97 to $497. Some of the essential features of our challenges, regardless of whether they are $10000, $25000, $50000, $100000 or $100000, are as follows:

  • Both our challenges and verification have no minimum or maximum time limitations, which means aspiring traders can take as long as they need to pass the challenges, not to mention they can even pass as fast as they can. However, for us to keep capital reserved for active traders, you need to place a minimum of one trade of any size and for any duration every 30 days. Conversely, if you know that you may need longer between the phases, get in touch with our customer service team so we can pause your account before the 30 days.
  • Both our challenge phases do not have any minimum trading days, and you can pass and move to the further phases as fast as you can reach the profit objective. We also have minimum funds processing time, with the traders receiving funds in as little as one day.
  • We offer traders the scope to trade with up to 1:100 leverage for all forex instruments.
  • We have a fixed maximum daily loss based on your initial balance. This number is subtracted from balance or equity, whatever starts the day greater.
  • We have a static maximum loss calculated on the initial balance. A $100,000 account can be breached owing to maximum loss only if the equity or account balance goes below $184,000 or 8%.
  • Phase 1 profit target is 7%, and phase 2 profit target is 5%.
  • All charges for the challenges are refundable and are reimbursed to the traders with their first profit split.

One-phase challenges, VIP programs, 85% base profit splits, unlimited time, lowest prices in the industry, no minimum trading days and extremely low phase 1 profit targets are some features of our prop firm challenges that make us different from the other prop firms.

So why the wait? Make the smart choice and become a funded trader today; contact our support team at Smart Prop Trade via our 24/7 discord support:

Register on our website to: buy your challenge account, track your account growth, participate in free monthly trading competitions, and join our online community by engaging in tasks for giveaways now!Follow, Like, Subscribe, and Join us on our social handles for updates on free prop firm account giveaways:

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Disclaimer: Smart Prop Trader offers clients access exclusively to demo accounts within a simulated trading environment. Additionally, the services offered are aimed at assessing professional skills. The results of these services are directly related to each individual's professional skill level and their capacity to follow the program guidelines and objectives detailed for each service. We encourage clients to conduct a comprehensive review of the program requirements before enrolling in any services.
Disclosure on Hypothetical Performance:
The accounts utilized for our services are demo accounts. Hypothetical performance results come with inherent limitations, among which include the fact that they do not reflect actual trading. No claim is made that any account will achieve or is likely to achieve profits or losses comparable to those discussed; in reality, actual results can significantly differ from those predicted by hypothetical performance. Hypothetical performance often benefits from hindsight, does not account for financial risk, and cannot consider the financial risk in actual trading. For instance, the capacity to endure losses or to stick to a trading plan despite losses are crucial factors that can negatively impact real trading results. Many other market factors or aspects of implementing a specific trading program not accounted for in hypothetical performance preparation can also adversely affect actual trading results. Please be aware that we do not offer specific investment advice, business consulting, analysis of investment opportunities, or any general recommendations on trading investment instruments. Trading in financial markets carries a high level of risk, and we advise against risking more than you can afford to lose.
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Prop Firms with No Minimum Trading Days (2024)
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