'The Goonies' Cast: Where Are They Now? (2024)

The Goonies stars are all grown up!

The '80s classic has lived in the hearts of many moviegoers, even nearly four decades after its theatrical debut. In fact, it's remained such a beloved film that Warner Bros. is re-releasing the film in theaters this September to celebrate the studio's 100-year anniversary.

But in the years since the film's original release, the young cast members have moved on to new projects and even had kids of their own.

So, where is the cast ofThe Gooniesthese days? Here are all the updates on the talented stars of the iconic film.

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Sean Astin: Mikey

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After playing the main protagonist, Mikey, Sean Astin went on to work steadily in Hollywood.

He starred in other '90s hits such as Encino Man and Rudy, but perhaps his best-known role was playing Sam in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In 2017, Astin went back to his teenage adventure roots and appeared in the second and third seasons of Netflix's Stranger Things. He also voices several characters on the streaming service's Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space franchise.

He married Christine Harrell in 1992 and the pair have three daughters.

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Ke Huy Quan: Data

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Post-Goonies life wasn't easy for Ke Huy Quan, who spent the last three decades trying to make his way back in front of the camera. He starred in the show Head of the Class from 1990 to 1991 and appeared in 1992's Encino Man, but was ultimately forced to quit acting due to lack of opportunity for Asian actors.

"It was tough," he told PEOPLE. "I was waiting for the phone to ring, and it rarely did."

However, the tide recently turned for the 51-year-old actor: His second big break came in 2022, when he starred in Everything Everywhere All at Once alongside Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu. Quan swept awards season 2023, taking home the Golden Globe, SAG Award and Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Most recently, he's appeared in the Disney series, American Born Chinese.

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Josh Brolin: Brand

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Josh Brolin has had a steady stream of roles since the film premiered in 1985.

You may know him as Thanos in the Marvel films, but Brolin has also had roles in critically acclaimed films such as No Country For Old Men (2007) which was nominated for an Oscar. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Dan White in Milk.

Brolin has had other notable performances in films such as W. (2008) in which he portrayed George W. Bush, Inherent Vice (2014), Sicario (2015) and Hail, Caesar! (2016), among others.

More recently, Brolin appeared in Dune (2021) and the upcoming Dune: Part 2.

The actor has a son and daughter,Eden and Trevor, from his first marriage to actress Alice Adair plus two daughters with his wife, Kathryn Boyd Brolin.

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Corey Feldman: Mouth

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Feldman already had a thriving career as a child actor by the time he played Mouth in The Goonies, with credits in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1984), Gremlins (1984), and the TV series Madame's Place (1982), among others.

After The Goonies, Feldman went on to star in other blockbuster coming-of-age films. He was in The Lost Boys (1987) alongside Corey Haim, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland and Stand By Me which also starred River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell.

In 2013, Feldman released a book, Coreyography: A Memoir which chronicled his turbulent life as a child star, including the sexual abuse he and Haim allegedly suffered at the hands of men in the industry.

"There are people that did this to me and Corey that are still working, they're still out there and they're some of the most rich and powerful people in this business. And they do not want what I'm saying right now. They want me dead," he told The View while promoting the book.

His recent credits include a music video for his song "Without U," and a part in a film titled Suicide for Beginners, both released last year.

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Jeff Cohen: Chunk

Between those chubby cheeks and his famous truffle shuffle, it was hard to not fall in love when Chunk came on screen.

However, Jeff Cohen, who played the memorable character in The Goonies, was pretty much done acting after the '80s. Following The Goonies, he voiced Francis in the series Popeye and Son (1987), and Grunt in Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (1988).

According to IMDb, however, his last acting credit came in 1991, in the TV movie Perfect Harmony.

Since then, Cohen has become a successful entertainment lawyer in L.A., after earning his juris doctor from the UCLA School of Law.

His career has come full circle, given the fact that he's the one who negotiated Quan's deal for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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Kerri Green: Andy

'The Goonies' Cast: Where Are They Now? (6)

As the love interest to Brand (Brolin) and Mikey (Astin), Kerri Green's Andy Carmichael was an integral player in the film. Since The Goonies, however, Green has only been in a handful of other films.

She starred in Lucas (1986) and Three for the Road (1987) opposite Charlie Sheen. Over the years, she's also made appearances in several TV shows, most notably ER, Mad About You and In the Heat of the Night.

Her last acting credit is listed for a 2012 film titled Complacent on IMDb. These days, she reportedly works behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, is a mom of two and occasionally appears at fan conventions — as well as on Cameo!

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Martha Plimpton: Stef

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Plimpton's role as the no-nonsense Stef Steinbrenner was her first foray into film.

Following the success of The Goonies, she, like Brolin, also went on to have a steady career in Hollywood. Plimpton starred in The Mosquito Coast (1986) and Running on Empty (1988), but she's found major success in television, starring in shows such as ER, How to Make It in America and The Real O'Neals.

Plimpton won the Emmy for guest actress in a drama series for her role as Patti Nyholm on CBS' The Good Wife and was nominated for lead actress in a comedy series for FOX's Raising Hope.

Since then, Plimpton has continued working. This year, she appeared in TV shows like A Town Called Malice and Family Guy.

In 2012, Plimpton co-founded A is For, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma against abortion care. Last year, she co-hosted the Broadway Acts for Abortion benefit concert event, a fundraiser dedicated to abortion rights.

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John Matuszak: Sloth

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Prior to playing Sloth, the deformed buddy to Chunk, Matuszak had a full-fledged career as an NFL player. The 6-ft.-8-in. lovable giant was the first overall pick in the 1973 NFL draft. He played for the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Commanders before finishing off his career with the Oakland Raiders — with whom he won two SuperBowls.

Before being in The Goonies, Matuszak also starred in The North Dallas Forty (1979) and The Ice Pirates (1984). After The Goonies, he was in what would be his last film, One Crazy Summer (1986) and wrote an autobiography, Cruisin' with the Tooz, which was published in 1987.

Unfortunately, Matuszak died in 1989 after to an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. He was 38.

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Joe Pantoliano: Francis Fratelli

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Pantoliano played one half of the antagonistic Fratelli brothers.

After The Goonies, he went on to have a long career as a character actor. His acting credits include appearances in mega hits Midnight Run (1988), The Fugitive (1993), Bad Boys (1995) and The Matrix (1999). In 2003, Pantoliano won the Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for his role as Ralph Cifarretto on The Sopranos.

In 2020, Pantoliano reprised his role as Captain Howard in Bad Boys for Life.

These days, Pantoliano is still acting, appearing in shows such as Chucky and Tacoma FD.

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Robert Davi: Jake Fratelli

'The Goonies' Cast: Where Are They Now? (10)

Playing the bad guy along with Pantoliano was Robert Davi, who has also made a career playing scary dudes.

His acting chops landed him in the James Bond franchise, with the role of drug lord Frank Sanchez in License to Kill (1989). He's also appeared in Die Hard (1988), Predator 2 (1990), Showgirls (1995) and The Iceman (2012).

Most recently, Davi starred in Inside Man and The Lurking Fear, which were both released this year.

'The Goonies' Cast: Where Are They Now? (2024)
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