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Topstep Payout Policy

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What is Topstep's Payout Policy?

Additional Payout Details

How can I request a payout?

What is the profit split?

What happens when I transfer to the Live markets?

What is Topstep's Payout Policy?

If you're wondering what Topstep's Payout Policy is, you've come to the right place! Topstep has the best payout policy in the industry that allows disciplined traders to take weekly payouts. The best part? You get access to 100% of your profits after accumulating 30 winning trading days. Check out the details below:

  • Traders can request a payout of up to 50% of their account balance after accumulating five winning trading days per payout request. A winning trading day is counted when a day’s Net PNL is $200 or more.

  • Winning days are accumulated as a running total between payout requests; they do not need to be consecutive days. This means that after taking a payout, a trader must complete five additional winning trading days before being eligible for their next payout. This is required for each payout request.

  • Once you have accumulated 30 winning trading days (this means you've earned $200 or more Net PNL each day) in your account, you unlock access to 100% of your balance. This means that for future payouts, you can request up to 100% of your balance with each payout request. Requests can then be made any time, for any amount*, up to 100%! *Minimum Payout Request is $125.00. Keep in mind that if a full 100% payout is requested, the Funded Account will be closed since the balance will be brought to the Maximum Loss Limit.

  • Once you are in a Live Funded Account, the winning trading days will be calculated from the first account that opens the Live Funded Account towards the 30 winning days.

You should always pay yourself after a few winning days but don’t forget that trading isn’t a one-and-done activity. Pay yourself while also positioning yourself for the long haul. Treat your account like a personal brokerage account, with the goal of building it as much as possible, so you are never in a situation where you can’t trade the next day.

The chart below shows you which type of payout you are eligible for, depending on how many winning days you've accumulated:

5 Winning Days of $200 or More

30 Winning Days of $200 or More

5 non-consecutive days of Net PNL $200 or more
*First Available Payout

30 non-consecutive days of Net PNL $200 or more

Eligible to withdraw 50% of account balance per payout request
*Minimum Payout Request is $125

Eligible to withdraw 100% of account balance anytime
*Minimum Payout Request is $125

Additional Payout Details

  • Increased Payout Percentage: Once a trader reaches 30 non-consecutive winning days of $200 or more, they may request up to 100% of their account balance per payout moving forward in the account. These payout requests can be made at any time.

  • Voluntary Closure: A trader may request up to 100% of their account balance once they have at least 30 winning days of $200 or more in their Express Funded Account. If a trader has been transferred to the Live Funded Account, their winning days are accumulated across both accounts. If a full 100% payout is requested, the Funded Account will be closed since the account balance will be brought to the Maximum Loss Limit.

  • Transfer to Live: A trader may request a payout if they receive an offer to transfer to the Live Funded Account. The trader is eligible for a payout even if they recently took a payout and have not reached the next 5 winning days. The remaining funds are transferred to the Live Funded Account.

How can I Request a Payout?

  • You can request a payout through this form in our app. Payouts are processed daily but may take up to 10 business days to receive.

  • When a payout is requested and approved, and all appropriate forms are submitted (ACH / Wire / SWIFT info & KYC documents), we will remove the funds from the trader's account. Topstep will then start the process of sending the funds to the trader. Your Payout arrival will depend on the payment method.

The available payout methods are:

  • Wise: 1-3 business days

  • ACH: 1-3 business days

  • Wire/SWIFT: 3-5 business days

  • International Wire/SWIFT: up to 5-10 business days​

These transfer times are only estimates and may be impacted by additional reviews or requests for information at the discretion of the payment providers or the Finance & Compliance Team. Most payment providers, especially banks, do not process payments on weekends and public holidays.

  • Occasionally, a bank outside of the United States might request a verification letter stating why you are requesting payouts or receiving deposits to your bank account. Please note that while Topstep does not provide verification letters for payouts, you can provide your bank with a copy of your Express Funded Account Agreement for verification purposes.

What is the Profit Split?

Learn more about Topstep's Profit Split below:

  1. Traders will receive 100% of the profits from payouts, up to $10,000

  2. After the first $10,000 of funds have been received by the trader, the profit split will become 90/10, with the trader receiving 90% of payouts and Topstep retaining 10% of the requested payout.

  3. The payout policy is per trader and can be across multiple Funded Accounts. You will keep 100% of your profits until your payouts across Funded Accounts cumulatively add up to $10,000. Once your cumulative payouts exceed $10,000, you will be subject to the 90/10 profit split.

  4. Once the payout request is processed, the Maximum Loss Limit will automatically be set to $0 (the trader cannot allow the account balance to reach or go below $0 after a payout).

What Happens When I Transfer to the Live Markets?

  • When Topstep determines that a trader has consistently succeeded in the Express Funded Account, you will receive an email to transfer to a Live Funded Account™. At that time, the Express Funded Account will be closed to transfer funds and open the Live account.

  • The full balance of the Express Funded Account will be the starting balance of the subsequent Live Funded Account. You can request a payout during your transfer to live. The Live Funded Account begins with a $0 Maximum Loss Limit. The Live Funded Account follows the same payout policy as the Express Funded Account. See how multiple accounts affect the Live Funded Account.

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