Where Is Shauna Rae's Biological Dad (2024)

1. Shauna Rae's Parents Are Relatable for Every Mom and Dad - Distractify

  • 1 nov 2022 · While she is obviously very close with Mark, according to Newsday, Shauna is not in contact with her biological dad, whose name is Scott Lesick.

  • Shauna Rae's parents, Mark and Patty, struggle to both protect their daughter and let her go on the TLC show 'I Am Shauna Rae.'

2. I Am Shauna Rae star Shauna Rae's stepfather Mark Schrankel filed for ...

  • 21 jan 2022 · The Sun can exclusively reveal Shauna's stepfather, Mark Schrankel, filed for bankruptcy for the family twice and in total owed more than ...

  • I AM Shauna Rae star Shauna Rae’s stepfather Mark Schrankel filed for bankruptcy twice, as the family totaled $386K in debt years before the TLC show premiered. I Am Shauna Rae premiered on T…

3. Shauna Rae has three siblings, including sister from biological father

  • 3 feb 2022 · Shauna's biological father is called Scott Lesick, who works at a car dealership. He is now married to Kimberlee Swidorsky-Lesick, who he has ...

  • Shauna Rae's family includes three sisters, which includes two half-siblings and one sister from her biological father, Tara.

4. 'I Am Shauna Rae': Where Is Shauna's Biological Father? - TV Shows Ace

5. TLC Star Shauna Rae Celebrates After Legally Changing Her Name

  • 24 aug 2022 · My legal full name is now Shauna Rae bye bye old last name!" Shauna Rae hasn't shared much about her relationship with her biological father.

  • The I Am Shauna Rae star revealed on Wednesday that she legally dropped her last name

6. Who is Shauna Rae? Meet the 23-year-old who looks like she's 8

  • 24 jan 2023 · Who is Shauna Rae's boyfriend? ... Rae's parents when he met them. The ... He continued: “As soon as you say that she can't have a real-world ...

  • She’s TV’s biggest small star. “I Am Shauna Rae” revolves around the exploits of the Long Island local who insists she’s just like any other young millennial.

7. I Am Shauna Rae: 10 Facts You Need To Know About ... - Screen Rant

8. I Am Shauna Rae - General Discussion

  • 30 dec 2021 · I went on Wikipedia to look up the family "tree" of Shauna and it left me so confused. So Shauna's bio dad's last name is Lesnick (Scott).

  • On 10/11/2022 at 9:12 PM, chenoa333 said:

9. Why TLC's Shauna Rae Changed Her Name - The List

  • 14 aug 2023 · Shauna Rae doesn't talk much about her biological father, Scott Lesick, and he is not part of her reality show. According to Lesick's Facebook, ...

  • TLC reality star Shauna Rae legally changed her last name with the support of her mom and stepdad, and she's excited to face the future with her new identity.

10. Who Is Shauna Rae? Age, Instagram & What To Know - Bustle

  • 11 jan 2022 · Shauna Rae's new TLC series, 'I Am Shauna Rae ... The trailer also shows that Shauna's parents have had their own difficulties accepting that ...

  • Shauna Rae's new TLC series, 'I Am Shauna Rae,' premieres on Jan. 11.

11. TLC Star Shauna Rae Debuts New Relationship on Instagram - People

  • 13 dec 2023 · Swygart revealed that he and Shauna — who has smaller stature than an average adult due to pituitary dwarfism — were judged, both in real ...

  • Shauna Rae announced her new relationship on Instagram, though she kept her partner's identity a secret with a few cleverly place emojis that covered their face. The new romance comes after she broke up with Dan Swygart in April.

12. Who Is TLC's Shauna Rae Biological Father, Scott Lesick?

  • 24 jan 2022 · Meet Scott Lesick, Biological Father Of TLC's Shauna Rae ... TLC's “I Am Shauna Rae” has become a hit show because of the story of a 22-year-old ...

  • TLC's "I Am Shauna Rae" has become a hit show because of the story of a 22-year-old girl stuck in a body of an 8-year-old. Viewers got introduced to her mother, sisters, and stepfather. This article is about her biological father Scott Lesick. Learn more about Scott in this article. Meet Scott Lesick, Biological Father Of

13. Why People Aren't Huge Fans Of I Am Shauna Rae - Screen Rant

  • 22 jan 2023 · I Am Shauna Rae stars Shauna Rae, who ... Shauna's mother Patricia Schrankel and her stepfather ... Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa had a biological ...

  • I Am Shauna Rae is losing fans fast.

Where Is Shauna Rae's Biological Dad (2024)
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