Which 'Single's Inferno' couples are still together? Where the cast is now (2024)

Real-life K-drama unfolds in Single's Inferno, the Korean dating series, which returned today for a second season on Netflix.

The transfixing show—which was the first Korean reality series to join the streamer's global top 10 ranking earlier in 2022 (according to FlixPatrol, the streaming analytics company)—sees a group of singles spend just over a week together on a remote island and compete in a series of games on a search for true love.

But which couples from Single's Inferno Season 1 are still together?

Here we look at where the cast members are now.

Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon

Which 'Single's Inferno' couples are still together? Where the cast is now (1)

Se-hoon and Ji-yeon were among the fan favorites in Season 1, with Se-hoon known for his persistent, tunnel vision style-approach to Ji-yeon, who initially rejected him several times.

Fans were delighted to see the pair become a couple at the end of Season 1, after Ji-yeon opened up to Se-hoon in tears during one of their hotel getaways.

The two finalists recently returned to the famed Single's Inferno island for a trip down memory lane and a sneak peek at some of the island's new features in a video shared at Netflix's Tudum Korea event.

But are Se-hoon and Ji-yeon together in real life?

While the pair never formally announced that they were dating, they have been featured on their respective YouTube channels, exchanging lots of flirtatious banter, smiles and glances, hinting that they were perhaps together.

Earlier this year in February, during a YouTube live session for his channel, which was also posted by Twitter user @Baekhyuneesyoja, Se-hoon said they've each been "very busy" with their own lives (Se-hoon runs a restaurant and fashion business, while Ji-yeon is a neuroscience university student) and "don't get to see each other often," but do meet up for meals and are in contact occasionally.

He said at the time: "We are on good terms, I can say up to that extent," adding that "it's not the kind of relationship that can be exactly defined yet."

Back in July this year, it was reported that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram, according to Koreaboo and other media, while still following some other cast members from Season 1.

Song Jia and Kim Hyeon-joong

Jia, the YouTube beauty content creator who captivated the cast members and audience alike with her show-stopping looks and "bling bling" style (as a cast member described at the time), chose to be with Kim Hyeon-joong, a fashion model/personal trainer, in the final round of the series.

During the show, Hyeon-joong called himself a "puppy" around her, referring to how he was always eagerly awaiting Jia's attention or presence.

Her final words when choosing to get coupled up with him was simply: "Let's go puppy," as she took his hand to signal her choice in the finale.

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The couple never publicly officially confirmed their relationship status but back in January after the show ended, South Korea's Top Star News reported Hyeon-joong posted an Instagram story featuring an image of a golden retriever wearing a leash and running around on a grass field, perhaps hinting at their coupledom.

But things took a dark turn for Jia following allegations that she wore fake designer items in the series.

The incident led to her issuing an official apology and most posts (which featured several fake goods) on her social media channels were deleted before she went off the social media radar for months.

Around the time that the scandal broke, Hyeon-joong was reported to have unfollowed Jia on Instagram and he was allegedly unaware of the controversy that surrounded Jia at the time.

In an interview with South Korea's Maeil Business Paper in January this year, Hyeon-joong said: "There has been a lot of attention on us and Jia also wasn't following me [on Instagram]. I didn't want unnecessary rumors to start circulating so that's why I decided to unfollow her too," adding "there were no other reasons. Honestly, I had no idea that there was a controversy at the time."

Addressing their dating rumors at the time, he said the pair "have remained on friendly terms and even in the middle of the airing of the show, we contacted each other here and there."

Kаng So-yeon and Oh Jin-tаek

Which 'Single's Inferno' couples are still together? Where the cast is now (2)

Tailor shop owner Jin-taek, who was completely smitten with sporty/sexy chic So-yeon, a boxing gym owner, from the very start of Season 1, surprised audiences when he at one point denied the strong connection he had with her.

But despite the drama, in the end they chose each other during the final round.

So-yeon and Jin-taek also never confirmed the status of their relationship since the finale of Season 1.

However, in an Instagram post by So-yeon in August 2021 (which appears to no longer be available but was reported by TheCinemaholic) hinted that the couple may have been playing tennis together, as Jin-taek also shared a video Instagram post around the same time of him on what appeared to be the same tennis court.

But there have been no such posts hinting at their possible coupledom since, with both of them sharing mostly personal content across their social media feeds. The pair also don't follow each other on Instagram, while still following other Season 1 finalists.

Ahn Yeah-won and Kim Jun-sik

Yeah-won (a health/beauty model and Pilates instructor) who won the hearts of viewers with her bright smiles and cheerful aura, hilariously pretended to reject Jun-sik (the owner of a health foods startup) in the finale of Season 1, after he'd chosen to be with her in the final round.

Back in January on his Instagram account, Jun-sik posted a collage of Polaroid images of the cast, including ones of just himself and Yeah-won.

However, shortly afterwards in January, Yeah-won confirmed that the couple had decided to remain friends in a post on her YouTube channel.

She explained that their busy personal work schedules made it hard for them to meet, after meeting a few times over food and keeping in touch for some time.

The pair were also pictured together this year in what appeared to be a commercial shoot for the promotion of a collagen honey health drink, according to an Instagram post shared by Jun-shik in April.

Single's Inferno Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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Which 'Single's Inferno' couples are still together? Where the cast is now (2024)
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